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Survival Kit Ideas

Build a Custom Survival Kit to Fit Your Needs with these Survival Kit Ideas

What do you absolutely need to take care of yourself in an emergency? Above all, you need a survival kit you will use that includes at least the essentials for survival. It is a good idea to have several kits, different sizes, designed for convenience as well as functionality. What good will that survival kit do you in a roadside emergency if you left it at home because it was too big for the car?

What does every survival kit, big or small, require? You absolutely must satisfy theses needs:

  • Water for several days
  • Food for several days
  • A way to summon help
  • Physical protection – a way to keep warm and dry
  • Tools for building shelter, escaping entrapment, or other unforseen crises
  • A way to build a fire

Survival Kit Container Ideas:

Wallet sized survival kitMiniature survival kit – Can hold a small flashlight, whistle, bandages, multi-function tool, a small amount of medicine, matches, perhaps a protein bar.


You must have a separate  canteen or hydration pack as water is essential. This one was the badge holder from a trade show. It is about 4 x 6 inches and hangs around the neck by a cord.


Lunchbox Survival Kit for carLunchbox survival kit – Soft insulated lunchboxes are ideal for a small survival kit for the car or backpacking. These containers can easily hold a small first aid kit, available at any drug store for under $10. They are also big enough to hold the essential supplies – poncho, mylar space blanket, multifunction tool, small flashlight, whistle, waterproof matches, a few protein bars. You can fit some water and food in, but you will still need supplemental water as each person needs a gallon a day.


These lunchboxes are usually plentiful at thrift stores and yard sales for about $1. You may want each family member to have his/her own and include a personal belonging in each.


Fanny pack survival kit – Fanny packs range from holding about 1/3 as much as the lunchbox to a bit bigger than the lunchbox. Of course, the big advantage of a fanny pack is that it is easy to carry hands-free and does not cause the back strain of a backpack. This is also an ideal solution if you need to carry a child in a child carrier on your back.


As with the lunchbox survival kit, it is essential to carry a separate water supply sufficient for a few days.


72 Hour Survival Kit BackpackBackpack survival kit – This is the kind of survival kit you need for a fully functional 72 hour survival kit. A good sized backpack can hold 3 gallons of water, enough food for 5 days, and all the basic tools, protective gear, and medical supplies.

Just how do you equip your survival kit? Naturally, it will depend on the size, but every kit must include the basic essentials. For a detailed guideline on what to put in each kind of survival kit, consult the Disaster Survival Checklist.

Remember … Your brain is your most important tool – use it!

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