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My New Rescue Tool

Walk About Prepared™

The ‘Miracle Girl Rescue’, the Vision and Me

Walk About Prepared Rescue Tool by Jack Jobe15 Days after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, a teenage girl named Darlene Etienne was uncovered, clinging to life.  As Rescuers lifted her from a dark, rubble-filled tomb back into the light of Life, I received a Vision or ‘blinding flash of inspiration’ when I asked, “Why isn’t there a tool – carried daily – which would gives humans a better chance in emergencies?”


It felt like my brain caught fire.  I grabbed two, yellow pads and I wrote & drew pictures for four hours.  I saw the logo, the branding, the infomercial (still in my head) and of course, I saw the Walk About Prepared™.


The Tool is actually a ‘system’ – it is comprised of components which you assemble into the best solution of your emergency.   For example, if I found a burning car, I would approach with the hammer / hatchet head on one handle and a “seat belt cutter” (not in photo) on the other.  Smash the window and free the trapped driver.


As a television news photographer, I saw what difference a tool could make in saving lives.  I designed this as “The People’s Tool” so unlike ‘smart inventors’ I went to the streets, schools, meeting and I asked, “IF I can make it strong enough, light weight and inexpensive, would you buy it? OR tell me how I can make it better.”

My passion is to save tens of thousands of lives.  Could some steal my concept?  YES, but we all know how we feel about thieves.  I am not afraid.  If their design saves lives also, that’s a plus, but I have more tricks up my sleeves.   And wait till you see my “Walk About Prepared™” infomercial.

Due to an unfortunate circumstance, I could use help accelerating the pace of development.  I’m on Social Security but if you want to “Donate” (and I do mean a voluntary contribution as I can’t “sell” something in the prototype stage) – IF you want to help, please PAYPAL to  (*** Before you donate, PLEASE READ BELOW)


To follow the ‘Walkabouts’ progress, subscribe to my “Common Sense Survival Tips” newsletter.


Doug Milliken, Treasurer*** I have a friend who has agreed to keep track of any donations received.  This is Doug Milliken, the former Treasurer for Arapahoe County, Colorado.   Doug was voted the ‘best county treasurer in the United States and Canada.’  He will make sure all donations go directly to some important aspect of bringing this powerful tool to Life.  (i.e.: the next generation & final prototype, manufacturing, etc)






15 Responses to “My New Rescue Tool”

  1. Daniel says:

    you should look into for funding

  2. Teddy Starnes says:

    Where can I buy this product.

    • Jack says:

      Teddy: my tool is in the prototype stage. It is still several months away from market. IF you are subscribing to my newsletter, I’ll keep my readers updated. I appreciate your interest. Survivor Jack™ Jobe

  3. Joey says:

    GOOD LUCK JACK!!! I actually just saw you on “Bugged Out”. I wish more people would have more motivation such as you!! Keep up the good work & make sure you let us all know when it’s “official”.


    • Jack says:

      Joey: I was delighted to see that “Doomsday Preppers” had been re-edited into “D.P. Bugged Out”. My knees are so bad, I’m having the right one replaced in January 2013, as it stands today. I’ve switched to swimming an hour a day 3 times a week. I’m get educated in business and branding Survivor Jack™. I am endorsing – and would like you to support – ‘Universal 1st Aid Training’. IF children grew up cooperating in ‘Disaster Drills’, how much easier would cooperation be in other aspects of life? I Thank You for my ‘Good Luck’.

  4. Brad says:

    As one old guy to another, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Get one of these and Leatherman tool.

  5. Chuck D says:

    If the handle screws in. would it be possible to have an optional small shovel head to go with it? This would make a great bug out tool or vehicle kit tool.

    • Jack says:

      Chuck: I do plan to have a shovel head and a couple of other options. The ‘screw thread’ is on the prototype so I can show the idea and get feedback. Our production model will have an easier connection system.

  6. Doug Geiger says:

    With all due respect (and I am sure much is due), Brad, the “wheel” needs constant reinvention. The wheel has existed for millennia. As a Detroiter, I am at the epicenter of the automobile industry. When Ford first sold his vehicles he used wooden wheel spokes in mass-produced vehicles. Obviously, for durability the wheel literally needed to be reinvented for the automobile to accept repairs more easily, to reduce production costs and increase durability. Do we agree that was a reinvention worth doing?

    When was the last time you saw a wooden spoked wheel on a car?

    I commend Mr. Jobe for reinventing this “wheel” for two reasons.
    1. MATERIAL IMPROVEMENT: I believe the ability of his tool to break down to better fit is an EDC bag might make me more inclined to take this with me each day. That is to say, he has taken an ancient concept (a hatchet) and made a material improvement in its usability.
    2. INCREASED AWARENESS: Through shows like preppers and the funding site the word will get out about this class of tool and regardless of whether someones buys one of Mr. Jobe’s tool or another as a result–more people will be prepared.That effect alone is worth the reinventing.

    But above and beyond this, why take the trouble to go to another man’s website and actively discourage him? Is there anything noble in this? If you are satisfied with the tool you linked to (that act itself is poor form) then choose that tool and move on. It is he that is investing time and energy to bring this product to market. He was inspired to build from the most human of inspiration–seeing avoidable deaths in Haiti. I for one will pay a premium for his tool, once available for no other reason than I want to reward the free market and I still believe in the power of stories to change the world around us. I, for one, look forward to the day I can trade my money for this tool.

    Again, I don’t mean any disrespect, but as an entrepreneur myself for a company I am not plugging on this site out of respect, we should encourage those that put their money where their mouth is and take risks. But why listen to me:

    • Jack says:

      Awesome! As a budding Entrepreneur at 66+, it is delightful to see a gentlemen treat another gentlemen with such respect – yet teach a profound message. You’ve gotten this at a very touching level. A policeman recently told me Why he would have worn my tool. While at the front door of a domestic violence incident, a woman called out “His killing me.” This officer kicked in the door to save her but he blew out his knee. “If i could have reached to my belt and assembled your hammer / hatchet, I could have smashed through that door. I might still be a police officer if I had worn that.”

      This is a new class of tool and I do have some other twists like the shovel which someone else asked about..

      Your email IS inspirational to me. Thanks for making my day better.

  7. Kris says:

    You made a very useful product. Where could I purchase one?

    • Jack says:

      Kris: I’m just at the prototype stage. My tool is still several months away. I’m forming a corporation and trademarking Survivor Jack™. My SJ™ brand will create entertaining survival education, superior survival gear and promote Universal 1st Aid training. Kris; be patent – I’ll get it out ASAP. You can check out my YouTube channel. I’ll keep everyone informed when there is more news.

  8. Maureen Arnold says:

    Just watched you on “Preppers” and was so impressed. My husband is 65 and I am 63 with whole body disabilities. I wish you the best with your preparation BUT most of all the success of your “survival rescue” tool. I would love to purchase several when available. Keep up the good work to you and your wife.

    • Jack says:

      Hi Maureen: There are military and outdoor survival people. I’m everybody else. ha-ha Imagine waking up at our age and realizing I’ve lived in Virtual Reality so long, I couldn’t make a fire in Real Reality, without matches or a lighter. Thanks for being part of my family. I’ll let you know when my tool is available. I’m speaking to an Engineer Tuesday about how to make improvements for the next prototype.

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